Kingsford the piglet takes a day off, and goes the beach, after a big day of lounging around the house.
Kingsford the Piglet

So if you’ve ever owned a cat, these little gems should be familiar behavior. First off, we have TV dinner:

Cat TV Dinner

Next up, the ongoing dialog in cat households- let me in!
Cat Wants In!

And of course the Cat has decided it is time for that lazy owner to get up!
Time to Wake Up

So it looks like humans aren’t the only ones who can have a good time on a trampoline. Here we have a fox who likes it:
foxes on trampoline

And here is a dog who is enjoying a little quality entertainment on the trampoline as well.
Dog on trampoline

Here’s Snowdrop, a baby abandoned badger. You can read her full story at Daily Mail.
Snowdrop badger

The folks at Laughing Ferret saw the screen cleaning pug– this is their response, a ferret that cleans your screen!
Ferret Screen Cleaner

It’s feeding time for this kitten, and he’s not going to tolerate any slow downs on the path to dinner. She voices her displeasure at the delay, and then gets involved.

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