Spider Cat is able to take any difficult situation and escape!
Spider Cat

We all enjoy a buttery piece of corn on the cob occasionally, however most cats don’t get the opportunity. Not only has this smart girl learned to eat corn, she seems to really be relishing it!

Happy Valentines day!Nineteen-day-old ox ‘Heart,’ born with a heart-shaped marking on his forehead, relaxes at Yamakun farm in Fujisawa, near Tokyo, Japan, Sunday, Feb. 8, 2009. Kazunori Yamazaki, 51-year-old farm owner, said, ‘Good timing for Valentine’s Day.’
(Source: AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye)

Charlie is a quite a cute baby. He’s willing to please. And when his older brother puts his finger in Charlie’s mouth…well, watch the movie and see!
Funny Salmon

Our first video shows a baby doing his best Bruce Lee Imitation. That makes Japanese TV and of course Youtube…

Kung Fu Baby

Well of course as soon as that got out on the internet, other people picked it up, and now we have: Kung Fu Baby versus Jedi master Yoda!
Kung Fu Baby Remix

This cute will clean your screen, from the inside out! Click the picture to start the cleaning…
Dog Screen Cleaner
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