Puppy Versus CatThis cat is pretty patient with the puppy, up to a point…

Toby, the Red panda
Houston Press has this picture and story about Toby, the new Red Panda at the Houston Zoo. Quite a cute little fellow! They’re endangered, with some estimates that there are less than 2500 of the little guys left due to habitat destruction.

Snuggling up, a doe and bobcat after a fireHere’s a couple of orphans from a fire sharing some comfort in the Santa Barbara County Dispatch Office after a fire. The fawn is very young- 3 days or so, the bobcat a few weeks.

Courtesy: http://align.tumblr.com/

Looks like this little guy likes all the attention. Here’s a Slow Loris getting tickled.
Everyone Likes Tickles

Holy Cuteness had this awesome video of some newborn otters:

Otter Babies

Ever try to get the last bit of peanut butter out of the jar? You just didn’t have the right tools to get to it- this little dog does!
Don't throw it out, I can get that

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