This little kitten has a few things to say- or maybe he just wants to rock the house. Somebody give him a beat.
Is this thing on?

Sometimes just writing doesn’t accurately convey an emotion. In that case, a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, looks like the cute puppy has about 2000 words to say. 🙂
Puppy has a few things to say.

Looks like this little puppy is ending the game with a checkmate!
Puppy Performs Checkmate

This little sloth looks like he’s grinning for the camera.
Baby Sloth looks like he's smiling

This cute little giraffe is getting a little love from Mom.
Baby Giraffe Gets Kiss from Mom

We’ve secretly replaced this otter’s normal water with the new, improved frozen variety. Let’s see if the little otter notices the difference.
Otter finds Ice

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