Looks like this cute little hedgehog has quite a mouth full of carrot. It’s okay, he can handle it, he’s a trained vegetable professional.
Hedgehog Eats a Carrot

This beaver has a definite opinion on the do no feed the animals sign!
Tasty Sign

Lola was born with a deformity that doesn’t allow her to use her back legs like a normal cat. This didn’t stop her- she learned a little gymnastics and now can walk on her front paws!
Lola - The Handstand Kitten

You know if they ever came out with these cat remotes they would sell out- again and again. Until it’s a reality, we can dream!
All cats should come with this remote.

This pretty kitty is proud of her toy.
kitty with toy

Baby animals are always cute- this little marmoset is especially adorable!
Cute Baby Marmoset

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